Carrier's New Aquaforce® 30XW Screw Chiller Delivers Efficiency, Flexibility and Reliability

SHANGHAI, November 30, 2009 -- Carrier Corp., a world leader in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR) industry, introduced to the China market the Aquaforce® 30XW water-cooled screw chiller, with capacities ranging from 133 to 500 refrigeration tons (RT) and increased energy efficiency. Carrier is a business unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).


In 2006, with the original launch of the Aquaforce air-cooled chillers, Carrier created a new category of energy-efficient chillers in China. Now Carrier expands this concept into the water-cooled chiller market. “Carrier has been introducing world leading products and technologies to the China market for many years,” commented Ross Shuster, president, Carrier Asia HVAC. “The new AquaForce 30XW chiller is no exception. Its innovative design uses Carrier’s latest screw compression technology, employing the environmentally sound refrigerant, non-ozone depleting, HFC-134a.”


High Efficiency

Achieving Grades One and Two under China’s National Energy Efficiency Standard, the Aquaforce chiller is more affordable to operate, reduces building energy consumption and is up to 20 percent more efficient than its predecessors. The chiller performs at the COP of 5.7 under full load condition and NPLV of 7.1 under part load condition.


Integrating innovative technologies, the AquaForce® 30XW provides exceptional energy performance. The high efficiency 06T dual screw compressor, which is specifically designed to utilize non-ozone depleting HFC-134a refrigerant, applies Carrier’s patented design for screw rotors. Electronic expansion valves accurately control refrigerant flow and adjust the temperature of evaporator exit to maintain higher efficiency of cooling circulation, and the advanced microcomputer control system helps achieve efficient operation automatically.


“As green building designs demand ever more efficient HVAC systems, Aquaforce chillers are an ideal option, providing a high performance sustainable solution that reflects Carrier’s innovation in HVAC systems design,” commented Victor Xiao, director, product marketing, Carrier Asia HVAC.


Flexible Application

With its high efficiency design, Aquaforce chillers adapt to a wide range of applications and customer requirements, while satisfying the different needs of each market segment – heating, air conditioning, and industrial. The Aquaforce 30XW offers flexible, energy-efficient solutions for commercial building owners.


The 30XW chiller is an ideal choice for ice storage systems installed in large commercial and public facilities and can be incorporated into Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Green Building Rating System™ projects. Its unique dual-duty function uses advanced touch screen control, ensuring automatic switch between air conditioning and icing, while the dual screw compressor ensures stable and highly efficient operations under both conditions.


The Aquaforce® 30XW can also offer hot water as high as 63°C for air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water supply. For water source heat pump applications, the chiller leverages various recyclable low-temperature heat sources, including ground source, underground water, or surface water (for example, lake or river water). Through these methods, the chiller reaches heating COP of 5.0, dramatically reducing expenses as compared to boilers.


The chiller’s compact footprint is up to 30 percent smaller than other chillers, allowing for less mechanical room floor space. The smaller footprint also allows for easier installation in building retrofits.



The Aquaforce® 30XW’s dual independent refrigerant circuits provide reliable cooling, increased part load operation, and redundancy. The chiller employs industrial-type screw compressors with oversized bearings. All the compressor components are easily accessible on site for minimal down-time.


“The introduction of the new Aquaforce® 30XW water-cooled screw chiller is yet another example of Carrier’s leadership in offering global products while still providing customized features to meet the requirements of commercial building owners in the China market,” added Eric Wei, managing director, Carrier China Distribution and Aftermarket.

About Carrier Corp.

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