A Program Exclusive for Large Building Owners and Operators

As a building owner or operator, managing engineering systems such as air-conditioning, elevators & escalators, security, fire safety and building automation systems of a large building can be challenging, especially as the building and engineering system age. There is a lot of focus on efficiency and effectiveness with new construction but not enough on how we can improve thousands of existing buildings in Hong Kong. While new buildings are adopting the latest technologies, we want to make sure owners and operators of older buildings are aware of new opportunities and improvements they can make.

"Engineering Upgrade for Large Building" is a long-term initiative launched by United Technologies' industry-leading brands Carrier, Chubb, Automated Logic and Otis in Hong Kong. It aims to share knowledge and technologies that will help large building owners and operators to explore the opportunities and solutions for upgrade path, as well as the environment and economic values of improving existing engineering systems for greener, smarter and safer buildings.

A Platform to Share

At this exclusive platform for large building owners and operators, our experts in HVAC, elevators, escalators, fire safety, electronic security and building automation will share their technical know-hows and insights that help improve building efficiency and effectiveness..

Click to see the video of past events and comments from participants   Many building owners and operators joined the introductory seminars to learn more about this program   Our experts provide more insights, from technical perspective, into building engineering system upgrade at different workshops

Our Brands

United Technologies is a global leader in building and aerospace business. Our large investments in technology enables us to develop new and improved ways to keep people safe, comfortable, productive and in the move. By combining a passion of science with precision engineering, we create the smart sustainable solutions that move the world forward.