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  Carrier released a whitepaper on Filtration
  Now is the time for building owners to undertake comprehensive planning by optimizing HVAC systems and practices. Adopting the right technologies and applications can create the platform for a healthy and sustainable environment.

“Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) works by degrading and inactivating bacteria, mold spores, fungi and viruses.”

Read our recently published white paper here to find out more about how filtration can reduce the transmission of pathogens in the built environment.

  Carrier released a whitepaper in response to COVID-19
  As people around the world adjust to a “new normal”, the health of our buildings is essential. We understand that many of you have been wondering about how HVAC systems can impact the spread of COVID-19. We come bearing good news.

“A generation of research and experience has proven that when properly maintained and operated, HVAC systems can reduce the spread of viruses.”

Read our recently published white paper to find out how modern, professionally maintained air conditioning can play a positive role in reducing the transmission of COVID-19!

  Carrier Webinar in August 2020 – Healthier Building Starts Indoor
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